Miller Gets Four Pinocchios For Lies About Voter Fraud On ABC!

The Post Fact Checker Glenn Kessler says:

“The Pinocchio Test

George [Stephanopoulos] is right. The White House continues to provide zero evidence to back up its claims of voter fraud. Officials instead retreat to the same bogus talking points that have been repeatedly shown to be false.

It’s pretty ridiculous to cite research in a way that even the researcher says is inappropriate, and yet Miller keeps saying 14 percent of noncitizens are registered to vote. The Republican governor of New Hampshire has admitted that he was wrong to say buses of illegal voters voted in the election, and yet Miller shamelessly suggests that is the case. Miller cites a supposed expert on voter fraud, Kobach, who has been mocked for failing to prove his own claims of voter fraud. Miller also repeats a claim about people being registered to vote in two states, even though that is not an example of voter fraud.

Miller earns Four Pinocchios — over and over again.

Four Pinocchios”


Wow! Most impressive for a 31-year-old whiz kid whose been in his first White House job for about three weeks. Usually, you have to be in the White House much longer to learn how to lie on national TV like that.