NEW REPORT: The Economy: Who Benefits Most From “Safety Net” Programs, Blacks Or Hispanics? Surprise: It’s Working Class Whites

Tracy Jan reports in today’s Wonkblog in the Washington Post:

“Working-class whites are the biggest beneficiaries of federal poverty-reduction programs, even though blacks and Hispanics have substantially higher rates of poverty, according to a new study to be released Thursday by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Government assistance and tax credits lifted 6.2 million working-class whites out of poverty in 2014, more than any other racial or ethnic demographic. Half of all working-age adults without college degrees lifted out of poverty by safety-net programs are white; nearly a quarter are black and a fifth are Hispanic.”


This is a demographic that went for President Trump in significant numbers, but which likely would be hurt by some of the reductions and eliminations of these programs generally favored by the GOP.