Get Out The Peanut Butter & Jelly, Sean “Spicey” Spicer Is Toast!

Guess being the mouthpiece for a congenital liar who is also an unappreciative egoist can get a little old.

Melissa McCarthy must be beside herself.

It’s been entertaining, if not always very informative.

Good luck, Sean, you’re probably getting out while the getting is if not good, than at least better than it will be a ways down the line!




Spicey Returns, “Lester Holt” Interviews “Trump” On SNL — See Clips Here!

From the NYT.  Hard to tell spoof from reality in the Trump Circuis.



FLASH: Kushner Wins West Wing Battle! Bannon Banished To Basement! (On SNL) — WARNING: THIS IS FAKE NEWS! (But, Very Funny)

See Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) choose Jared (Jimmy Fallon) over Steve Bannon (The “Little” Grim Reaper).

And, while you’re at it, watch Melissa McCarthy do “Spicey the Easter Bunny” apologizing while giving us a lesson in “Jewish History.”


Happy Monday!


Trump WH Rocketing SNL Ratings To New Highs — Watch Melissa McCarthy Do It Again As Sean Spicer! See Clip (Courtesy Of Variety) Here!


I wonder how AG Jeff Sessions reaction will compare with the late AG Janet Reno’s reaction to her “Dance Party?”





Entertainment: Never Trust A Guy Who Can’t Take A Joke — Taking Their Cue From The President, The More Trump Lets Satire Rattle Him, The More SNL And Others In The World Of Comedy Are Going To Double Down On The Stuff That Gets To Him (The Only Way Out For The Prez — Get a Sense Of Humor — But, Sadly, That’s A Tall Order For a Guy Who Has Made His Life “All About Me”)!

Maxwell Strachan writes in HuffPost:

“So, President Donald Trump is supposedly upset that a woman played his White House press secretary on “Saturday Night Live” last weekend.

Politico is reporting that seeing Sean Spicer depicted by a thunderous Melissa McCarthy bothered the president so much, particularly because he “doesn’t like his people to look weak.” Spicer himself said that he thought McCarthy “could dial back” the impression. The impression clearly bothered them both.
As a result, people have been excitedly starting to call for more women to play the men in Trump’s administration, hoping to further injure the president’s always sensitive ego, and maybe cause some behind-the-scenes drama.
Rosie O’Donnell, a longtime critic of the president, has already said she would be willing to play Trump adviser Steve Bannon if called upon by Lorne Michaels. To which we say: Why stop there? It’s time for “SNL” to throw the entire administration into a gigantic hissy fit by having women play them all.

To help out the people over at “SNL,” we decided to do a bit of the casting work for them, just so they can think about it. Look, “SNL” can do what it wants. But if what it wants is to create an existential crisis at the White House, it should do this.”


Check out the full story (with pictures) at the link to see who Strachan would cast as whom. Talk about going viral on Sunday morning!




My Wife Was Right (As Usual) — Sean Spicer CAN Take A Joke — And That’s A Good Thing — Does The Ghost Of Janet Reno Live In The White House Press Room?

From HuffPost:

“The [SNL spoof] performance apparently left such an impression that Spicer himself commented on it.

While at the Super Bowl on Sunday, Spicer talked to “Extra” and told them he received an onslaught of text messages after the sketch aired. He told the publication that though he thought that McCarthy “could dial back” a bit, he found the show to be really “funny.”

Spicer elaborated by saying McCarthy “needs to slow down on the gum chewing; way too many pieces in there.” Overall, Spicer’s response is a vast departure from how the rest of the administration ― namely Trump ― has been reacting to political sketches on “SNL.”

It seems the notorious gum-chewer can take a joke.”


After watching this skit, my wife Cathy said to me “I’ll bet even Sean Spicer will laugh at that one.” Of course she was right!

“Alternate facts” or not, Spicer recognizes sizes one essential truth — only very significant people get parodied on SNL. Good for him!

For those who haven’t seen the SNL clip, go to the HuffPost link above and follow the other links to the complete skit, starring Melissa McCarthy as SS. The late Janet Reno’s unfailingly positive  and good humored reaction to SNL’s “Janet Reno’s Dance Party” routine was one of the things I’ll remember most about her as not only a good Attorney General but a very genuine human being.

Can’t survive in Washington, particularly if you’re working in the filed of immigration, without a sense of humor. I wish President Trump would figure that one out and “get with the program.”