DUE PROCESS MOVES FORWARD IN NY:  Universal Representation In Immigration Court Bill Introduced!


Sent: Wednesday, January 15, 2020 1:47 PM
Subject: [NY Asylum] New York introduces right to universal representation legislation


Hi all,


Apologies for the cross-post but we are very excited to announce that today New York introduced a bill that will create a statutory right to counsel for individuals facing deportation and live/are present in New York. The campaign is in the beginning stages and we know that we have a lot of educating and other ground-laying work ahead of us, but we also want to acknowledge the tremendous amount of work that it took, both in our State and nationally, to get us to a point in the conversation where drafting and introducing this bill became possible.


The Access to Representation Act to create a statutory right to counsel for immigrants facing deportation in New York.  You can see the press release HERE and read a summary of the bill HERE.


In solidarity,



Camille J. Mackler, Esq.

Director of Immigration Legal Policy


 The New York Immigration Coalition



It’s a beginning.  And, something that won’t require action from the screwed-up Feds. The New Due Process Army keeps fighting for American justice, for everyone in America, in the age of Trump!

Due Process Forever!